Saturday, November 19, 2011

Under My Skin

   So it turns out that piercings can move! If your body decides that it's not a fan of the jewelry (size, shape, material) the placement, or even the simple fact that there is suddenly a foreign object trying to make a new home amidst your flesh. It may also be a mind over matter situation like many other things in life tend to be. Honestly, I'm pretty convinced it's the later despite many logical arguments in support of basic body functions sabotaging my previously mentioned new nose piercing.

   The thing is that from the beginning I was not sold on the placement, and ever since things have been happening that pushed me toward the decision of cutting my losses and starting over. First there was the keloid, then two days after I had the jewelry changed it got dislodged in my sleep and began to close up on me, then... well, it started to move. It began slowly, and almost unnoticeably creeping even farther away from where I would have originally wanted it to sit. Further down towards the edge of my nostril. This went on until, to me at least, it looked like I was wearing a clip on ring that was falling off.

   Still I sat wishy washy about voicing my concerns, and possibly inconveniencing someone to help me fix what I knew was really only a problem to me. Asking myself  "Am I crazy?" "Is is really moving?" "Will the piercer look at me like I'm an idiot for coming in this long after the fact asking for a placement correction?". Then it nearly got ripped out of my face by a silly accident on my part (that involved a decorative pillow and a dramatic collapse onto the couch in exasperation). That was it! I was tired of being secretly unsatisfied with something that was supposed to be a personal reward. I was tired of being self conscious about something I got for the sole reason of it being aesthetically pleasing. It was time to get out of my comfort zone and voice my concern.

   Not just voice my concern, flat out admit that I was unhappy with a service I received, and ask for it to be rectified. This does not seem like a big deal to most people. It probably shouldn't be a big deal... but this is coming from the woman who would rather take her chances puking or peeing herself than to politely ask if I could cut in line for the bathroom when I was 8 months pregnant. The same woman who when asked by the stylist "What do you think?" at the salon she just shelled out $130 for service at, said "It looks great!" even though she asked for fire engine red and got brassy orange. The one who winces whenever anyone she is with lets on in any small way that they are unhappy with the service they are receiving, no matter how insanely polite they were about it or how horrifyingly bad the experience actually was.

So yes, definitely outside my box.

   But also, so very, very worth it! I now have a piercing I am pretty darn happy with and I was pleasantly surprised how willing to help the piercer was as well as how unoffended he was by my being honest about my dissatisfaction. In fact he came right out and said that he would rather do it all over again and have me happy with it that have me just put up with something I was less than keen on.

   So there you have it. It may be an insignificant detail in the grand scheme of things, a silly little nose piercing, but I find these little experiences to be symbolic. What are big things made up of, except for all those little, tiny, seemingly unimportant things?

Here is the end result, one little change has made a big difference for me:

What? That's the best picture I've got!

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