Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Kickoff

   I have been contemplating, since well before Bastian was born, what Christmas traditions we would create  for our new family unit.... What unique to us customs we would take on as part of our shared history. Things our kids would look back on as essential parts of their holiday experience.

   Today we implemented the first of many. A new tradition starting this year that I like to call Christmas Kickoff. It is roughly based off of the St. Nicholas Day festivities celebrated in other countries and by a few families here and there in the U.S. The goal of our particular version of this celebration is to exchange gifts that are best enjoyed leading up to the holiday itself. Things ranging from Christmas movies and books to Santa socks, red and white reindeer clad pajamas, house decor, holiday themed treats and music. Things that when received on Christmas Day bring on that slight tinge of disappointment you can't help but feel knowing that they won't be fully enjoyed until next December.

   Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE getting and giving these kinds of gifts on the holiday itself, but why not add to the merriment by having some pre-festivity festivies?

   So today when Bastian woke up, after attempting to dispel his trepidation over the fact that we had moved around the furniture to make room for our tree, we then guided him to the front door where earlier he had hung up an empty bag.

Things were a little touch and go at first...

   ...But after the eye crusties and cranky 'just-woke-up' tears subsided, much fun was had. His bag contained three Veggietales DVD's all Christmas related of course, the classic Golden Book "The Christmas Story" and a pair of socks that he received as a gift last year that were too small to wear at the time. We also set out How the Grinch Stole Christmas for good measure since we were unpacking our many, many boxes of holiday paraphernalia.

   Once he realized that they were gifts for him he was pretty stoked. He hugged them, carried them around while making mischievous backwards glances at us, and even mimicked Daddy by saying "DA DA DA DA DA" every time he would quote the Cindy Lou line from the Jim Carrey flick "the, the, the... THE GRINCH!"

    It's been pretty amazing as a new parent transitioning into this stage where he is learning so rapidly, and interacting so much more. The spark of recognition in his eyes over silly everyday things like the suggestion that maybe he may like a banana is purely miraculous. I mean every person at one point in their life went from not recognizing the connection between a word and an object, to understanding... but witnessing it take place before your eyes, happening in the little body that you gave birth to?

   ...I am getting super sappy here. But, really, days like today are what life is all about. How can you not get even a little sappy about that?

Merry Christmas Kickoff to you and yours!

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