Friday, June 6, 2014

Internet Addicted

The more time I've spent tethered to wires, or gadgets or wifi waves
the more permanently solidified a shift in priorities has become inside the confines of my brain
External accountability became about appearances
It wasn't people I was accountable to anymore
not relationships, but likes and shares
follows and fame
What does it matter what the work or the moment does inside of me
if I can't tweet it
if others don't see it.
Mental health awareness campaigns became more important to me than the level of my own personal shame
accolades and virtual acceptance more important than face to face human connection
something precious lost along the way.

Balance they say
I say...
It is defensible, all of it has it's place.
But it's I who has to check myself and that is where the problem lay
A self defeating cycle
Until I'm rolling over in my grave
worried more about the wifi password than maggots gnawing away.

Is this bit of poetry I am writing pointless
further validated
or perhaps just transcendental
for the fact of my unwavering intention to share it on my blog, Twitter and Facebook page?

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