Friday, November 11, 2011

Growing. Pain.

From this point of view you look very much the same
though everything has changed.
Every. Little. Thing.
Most of all how little you no longer are.
In comparison to myself, sure
But how can a body grow so much in fourteen months
and still retain it's resilience and willingness,
no eagerness,
to smile.
Didn't it hurt?
Every little part of your being stretching at once?
It makes me wonder
How my capacity for rapid change has grown so small
We were born to grow
and grow you have
faster, stronger and with less resistance than an adult like me can fathom
fragile, maybe
like a sparrow if held too tightly by human hands
but strong
strong enough to withstand bones that double in size beneath your skin
at the same time as teeth rip through gums and muscles tear and rebuild themselves
so that you may chew
and crawl
and walk
I wonder also, if at times my own aversion to change has hindered you
made you go slower or more worriedly than you otherwise might
you go so fast as it is
it's hard to imagine a higher speed
and still...
Do not race to quickly into adulthood my dear son,
there is plenty of time to learn and unlearn your mothers aversion to advancement
for she is looking now to you
in awe
inspired, learning more than she could ever teach
herself through books and writing 
and introspection
the methods she most prefers
on the art of uninhibited development

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