Sunday, November 27, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: Pumpkin Minus the Muffin

This Thanksgiving I spent time with family, ate some tasty food, watched parts of the parade on TV, listened to some good music, and I wore shorts.

Shorts aren't normally on my list of things to wear outside of the June-July time of year when it becomes an absolute must... but these. Well these just screamed Thanksgiving to me... or at least autumn.

I found them recently at Forever 21, when stopping in looking for something else and I left with them instead. I had been (am) quickly running out of clothes that fit and even so was I quite shocked when the size small I grabbed off the table slipped right on in the fitting room.

It's been quite a journey and it's definitely not over... but I'd have to say I'm pretty excited by how far I've come. The morning of the 23rd I hopped on the scale for my weekly weigh-in only to discover that I had finally reached my first major goal. Beat it actually by half a pound!

I gained a lot at the end of my pregnancy with Bastian, and though I did lose a decent amount afterwords naturally (without trying) I hit a plateau pretty quickly, and stayed there for quite a long time. The little lifestyle changes I had been making did make a difference, but it really took an overhaul of my eating habits and major increase in my activity level before any noticeable change occurred.

Now? I am nearing a point where I may feel comfortable posting a before and after in the near future. Though I didn't document my "before" until I had already been on the journey for a while, and as such it won't display the full loss. It's still pretty darn exciting!

I feel stronger, and healthier and better able to enjoy my active little boy who insists on climbing everything in sight. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Stretch marks and all. I am a mom. And I am fit!

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