Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chronically Chronological

I would like to be posting a (more well thought out) blog today, but really have no idea which direction to take. My few ideas seem out of place. I never did a 1st birthday party recap post and I wanted to but feel awkward about it now because it's been two months since our little guy turned one. I'm currently in my still-obsessed-with-Halloween-but-secretly-wishing-I-could-justify-turning-on-the-Christmas-music stage. I'll admit I'm not a big Thanksgiving fanatic. Not because I'm against giving thanks, but because the whole thing seems kind of like a farce to me and I'm uncomfortable with it. I enjoy the day, the family traditions and time together, I especially enjoy taking the time to count the things we're thankful for... I just don't feel super festive about the event. It's really just "I get to indulge in pumpkin pie" day for me.

But anyways...

All that being said, I am still wanting to do posts about Halloween since I inadvertently took October off from blogging and, thanks to Pinterest and my few shopping trips this passed week to the already decked out stores I am also wanting to start posting Christmasy things. For that matter I have events
lingering around in my mind that I had planned on blogging about but never got to from last holiday season... those may in fact have cycled back around to being timely and appropriate to blog about. Do I have to wait til next October then to write about the festivities I skipped or never got to this year? Bastian's second birthday to show off the decor I painstakingly made for his first? Or are they simply lost in terms of my bloggers topic queue? Is there a protocol here?

What do you think? Do potential posts about events in your life have an expiration date? Would you want to read about things "out-of-season" so to speak? Am I the only one who worries about these things?

I can't help but wonder if it's my own slight case of O.C.D. that is making this non-chronological posting dilemma into an issue at all. Is it a dilemma? I want your thoughts!

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  1. I worry about it too so you're not alone in this. I try to keep my current events current on my blog but life gets in the way and I hesitate to still post about it if its been a while. I usually refrain but then later on I wish I hadn't when its WAY too late. Ugh its like I have an argument with myself. :/


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