Sunday, September 4, 2011

Snippets; Sad and Happy Tears

Birthdays are for celebrating
And for parents in some ways they are also for mourning.
So many moments, those lived and those missed are gone not to ever come back
But each day new opportunities for living unfold
Our children are, before our eyes growing old

Still a baby, in some ways, not all
each day more a boy, a personality on toddling feet
smiles that constantly seem to be revealing new teeth
Hands and knees once used for crawling now aid in climbing
just about everything in sight 

Knowledge tangibly forming in repetition
mimicking, recognition.
An enthusiastic wave in proper response to someone's 'Hello' 'Hello'
Mamma's and Dadda's with purpose 
Intentional hugs
Intentional disobedience

We celebrate with parties, and presents
with those we love around us
food and fun and story after story of a memory filled year
but the mourning, it happens alone
After everyone has gone, wrapping paper strewn across the floor
that once small bundle, sleeping on his own upstairs
in his very own bed
one with bars, pacifiers and stuffed animals contained within 
but a bed nonetheless

Counting down the days 
not wanting them to pass
360, 361, 362...
Tell me how a year can go by so fast.

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