Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Your Average Monday

Today is my husband's birthday and though I got to celebrate with him on Saturday with a really fun show and some great company today he went in to work and I stayed home with our little guy as per usual... so needless to say there's (currently) not much going on the way of festivities.

just for you... 

But, that doesn't stop me from taking a moment for a little public/internet display of affection. For those of you that don't know me personally you likely don't know our story. The way we met and began dating was actually pretty funny. At least in my mind it's genuinely entertaining and not just one of those "oh that's a funny story" beginnings that is more mildly interesting than truly amusing... but then again I am biased. So you be the judge.

My father knew my husband long before I ever did... he was his boss. And when I became a senior in high school he became my boss too (my dad that is, Jason also became my boss at one point but that was short-lived and is irrelevant to this story). I had quit the telemarketing job I had previously held for multiple reasons and was looking for something that didn't require being on the receiving end of a verbal smack-down every few minutes. My dad, not knowing what this would lead to, asked Jason whether hiring me would be nepotistic to which he immediately replied "no, but you know that if you hire your daughter I'm going marry her right?"...

...not having EVER met me.

As a joke.

Because that's the kind of relationship they had (and still have).

But then, as you all already know, he did. roughly 4 years later. And though I discovered very quickly that I was not built for retail, I am so, so, SO grateful that I took a job working with my Dad despite my concerns about the whole bosses daughter dynamic... because while it was really, really rough (as I had expected) I met my husband, my hero, the love of my life.

At my Senior Prom

I could go on and on divulging funny tidbits regarding our fun and slightly awkward path to coupledom but what fun would it be to tell our whole story in one post?

Suffice it to say that I am one seriously lucky lady, and from my couch to his desk I am sending him happy birthday vibes, because my life just wouldn't be the same if he hadn't, you know... been born.

So babe, if you're reading this; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



  1. I'm a bawss!

    Thanks babe, love you very much too!

  2. I knew some of the story but not all of it. : )You two are awesome and I am so happy you found each other.

    It was also great seeing you guys! We need to do this again (and I need to give you back your clothes)!


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