Friday, September 30, 2011

Scream Queens Night Out

There is not much in the world that compares, for me at least, to preparing for a girls night out... or any night out for that matter. Sometimes the prep far outweighs the event. But it's worth it... something about knowing in advance that you're going to have a chance to let loose and do nothing but have fun... something about getting dolled up, because you can. And no one can compliment you quite like your very best girl friends, and it would be a lie to say that you didn't look forward to that, that you didn't need it a little now and again.

In a few short minutes here I will be heading out to meet up with my best friend since High School to go see a horror movie opening up tonight based on an urban legend we both grew up with, since it revolves around some train tracks pretty darn close to our home town. We both love horror movies, her and I. Though I lean toward cheesy 70's and 80's flicks while she's down for more modern fare more often than not. It's a dynamic that pretty much sums up our entire friendship and I love it. We seem to always like slightly different versions of the same thing. Rock music for example, we both like a little bit of most of it's subgenres she leans towards metal and I always seems to circle around and come back to alternative. Olives I'll only eat black... she likes the green ones. Why I'll never know. But it makes me love her all the more.

It's only fitting that we go see this new movie together it's first night in theatres. Who knows I may do a review after the fact, though I have a feeling it'll just be one of those movies we see for novelties sake.... Munger Road is said to have been home to pretty heinous school bus vs. train collision in which none of the children made it out alive. It's said that if you stop your car over the tracks and put it neutral for a minute those children supposedly push the car, in attempt to save you from a similar fate. Many a teenager from my home town tempted this stunt after coating the bumper in baby powder to aid in identifying small hand prints afterwords. I went there one myself with a friend, baby powder ready and waiting but we chickened out.

The movie seems to be more about non-paranormal events that just happened to find four teenagers on when they were testing the legend, but either way it should make for a fun evening.


  1. ahh Munger Road! I wondered when this would come out! I too, have been on those tracks waiting for tiny hands to rescue me. I have a friend who has family in the movie and if my memory serves me correctly, he was in it briefly as well. Is it only in theaters locally?

  2. Sounds fun! I am more into the cheesy 70's and 80's horror movies myself too.

  3. So far it's only at Charlestowne 18. I've heard some conflicting stories, that it will only be there and only for 4 days or that it will start there and spread to other suburbs afterwords. Their Twitter account says you can "Demand it" on their site ( I assume means the more people click that the more likely it'll hit more theaters. With last night's turn out I wouldn't be surprised if it got bigger pretty fast. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, though the ending was too abrupt for my liking... would definitely go see a sequel and I hope they make one for that matter.

  4. I'm the worst with scary movies.. I'm such a wimp!
    Seeing them with friends always helps. :)


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