Thursday, March 3, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: Thrifting Triumph!

   While I love buying a new, never worn before garment just as much as the next lady there is nothing quite like the thrill of thrifting a new (to me) item that obviously has amazing potential, but has been simply waiting around in hiding for the right person to come along and discover it... love it... take it home. Not to mention I'm on a budget, and even if I wasn't, that coy "Oh this? I got it for $10 at my local thrift store" feeling never quite wears off every time I leave my house in one of those gems. The hunt is half the fun!

   My mom and I made a trip over to a shop just down the street from me that I've neglected to visit in the 5 years I've lived here... and I'm pretty sure that, based on the number of times I said "why have I not been shopping here all along" that I will be back again countless times in the near future. Here's what I scored for myself... I will post some of the baby clothes I got (for, no joke, 88 cents a piece) shortly:

Guess Bomber Jacket $27.76
I fumbled over this jacket but ultimately decided to go ahead and buy it because I couldn't get it out of my head the whole time we were shopping... the thing is it's real fur, and I never got around to deciding whether I'm ok with that or not... what I decided? well in this case at least I'm fine with it because A) I eat meat B) I wear leather and most of all C) I wouldn't be adding any additional demand to the fur market, the damage was already done by the original purchaser, and it would either sit there forever, wind up in my closet or in someone else's... I understand these reasons may not cut it for others, but in my mind if I didn't buy the coat on principle I would also need to stop buying leather... and I'm not prepared to do that. Sorry.

Suede "Almost Famous" Coat $12.21
I had a coat like this in high school but longer and without the awesome detailing and I miss it dearly... it went missing after I accidentally forgot to grab it one afternoon in my mad dash to catch the bus, I realized it quickly enough and headed back to get it; alas it was already gone.  It's brown and I don't wear brown very much... but I just flat out don't care... it's that awesome!

Calvin Klien Sweater Dress $9.91
My wonderful mother treated me to this amazing little number. I may be too obsessed with the black and gray combo in my wardrobe, but it's so versatile and I generally prefer bold colors in my accessories versus my basic pieces anyways... so this dress is perfect for me!

Black Crush-Velvet Dress... $1.81
Seriously?!?!?!!! This magnificence, under $2?? It may be very well the best deal I've ever gotten!!! It may be slightly quirky / kitschy but that just adds to it's charm! 

Gray Pinstripe Jumper Dress $3.63
Also a gift from the world's best mother! She's pretty much the coolest mom ever!


And finally...Yes... I really did buy...
Batman fabric and rainbow suspenders!!!!! 
How could I not?
I plan to make pajamas out of the fabric... for myself of course, not for my husband or son... they are Superman fans much to my dismay. The suspenders will be an amazing addition to my wardrobe... I can't wait to break out my high-waisted wide leg trouser jeans and wear them with these bad boys! Oh and my red shorts! ...this is most definitely one of my biggest high school fashion dreams come true!

 And here is a sneak peak at how I styled the Calvin Klien dress and Guess jacket... for a business meeting this past Tuesday evening... yes, this is how I dress for business.

What are the best thrifting deals you've ever scored?
You're favorite second-hand piece?

Note: I apologize here and now for my
over-use of ellipses. Can't help it. My literary vice.


  1. I am in love with your finds! Your mother is the best mother in the world - and I'm so glad her absolute obsession with fashion magazines growing up has paid off in some of the best street sense fashion combos in her progeny. So many of my consignment store finds are the basic building blocks of my wardrobe, so it's hard to say. I sit here in Tickled Pink Coffee Shop commenting on your blog in a favorite pair of rust brown suede pointy calf high boots, a pair of worn jeans, a tie died long-sleeved tee with a waist-slimming ribbon of fabric stitching that drags the eye exactly where I want it to go...all products of my consignment friends! Long live the other side of retail!

  2. I like what you found! I have gotten some GREAT deals myself. I bought a sparkly black bag today for $5! I love going to resale and thrift stores. I always get something cute.

    Going to Goodwill this weekend. Can't wait!!

  3. I haven't done much shopping at goodwill, though u do drop stuff off there regularly. Hope you find some awesome stuff!!

    @ Gretch I love those boots, if they are the ones I remember you having anyways. I need to come up by you soon and take a trip over to Sandys.


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