Thursday, March 24, 2011

Musical Musings

   A deep love of music is not an uncommon self-professed characteristic... it can be found in the "about me" sections of many a social networking profile. It's no surprise either seeing as music is a universal language in many senses, due to it's ability to convey a feeling instead of simply a message. The transfer of emotion from the artist to the listener is nothing short of profound. As human beings it only makes sense that upon hearing something so expressive we go about personalizing what we've experienced, turning the mere act of hearing an intentionally crafted series of sounds into an intensely intimate encounter.

   I don't claim to have any more musical prowess than anyone else out there, and in fact the wide majority of what I listen to would likely be deemed "too mainstream" by most aficionados... but what I do know is that while many of my peers were catching up on the latest and greatest shows on TV I spent hours upon hours of my high school years laying on my bedroom floor, motionless, taking in every nuance that I could discern from the music pumping at top volume from my boombox speakers. Unfortunately since those days I haven't had much time to delve further into this aspect of my creative self, but from time to time I luck into a rather amazing musical discovery or two.

   I can't take much credit for this particular discovery as it had absolutely nothing to do with my ability to seek out and find phenoms among the masses. Actually it just so happened that in the continual growth of my extended family I wound up being somehow connected, however distantly, to this amazing couple with more musical proficiency and creative potency between them than most music festivals boast in an entire weekends worth of featured artists! Today I share with you a masterpiece by The Felix Culpa but I also highly recommend checking out Venna, which is the couple's shared endeavor and is equally as impressive in an entirely different way.

If you are as in awe of this as I am do not hesitate to head on over to AltPress and let them know what you think of this amazingness!

More musical musings to come... in the mean time I would love to hear what's playing from your speakers these days that keeps you coming back for more. 

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