Sunday, March 6, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: The New Kid in Town

   Turns out Bastian got more than just his mom's nose, he also seems to be showing early signs of an affinity towards the rock n' roll aesthetic... or at the very least he looks pretty darn cute in black, white and red plaid and skull adorned hats! Who knows what he'll choose for himself when he takes over his own wardrobe selections. For now I'm enjoying his pliability.

   He spent most of his day yesterday, and much of this morning honing his crawling skills. He's gotten scooting around on our (fake) wood flooring down to a science but Grandma and Grandpa's carpet proved a bit more difficult. I have a feeling the scooting phase is almost over since he has now mastered getting up on hands and knees and can move decently well from there, all he has left to do is crack the right hand / left leg (and then switching to the opposite combo) pattern and he'll be off like a rocket!!

Hat: Urban Baby Runway
Button-up Shirt: Thrifted ($1.21)
Jeans: Hand-me-down
Socks: Circo brand by Target (the only kind I can get to stay on his feet)

How much do you infuse your own style into your kid's apparel?


  1. Only his geek clothing comes from me... ;^)

  2. What an adorable boy. I costantly dress the boys with my fashion sense but it only works on school days wjen they are too sleepy to notice what I hand them to put on


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