Monday, March 21, 2011

As My Mother Loved Me...

   The more I come into my own, the more I realize that I am not in fact unique. I am so much like my mother that it sometimes takes me by surprise... in a good way. That way which makes me remember all the wonderful things about my childhood that made it something worthy of nostalgia.

   My sister and I never lacked for time to learn to entertain ourselves, and the idea that we should go running to our mom over every scrape or cut was never present in our minds, but there was never any doubt that she loved us. Wholly and completely loved us. Her every thought and action did not need to revolve around us, she had her own interests, her own tasks to complete that had nothing to do with us, and yet there was never a question.

   I want to be that kind of mom. I feel like I am slowly learning how to be that kind of mom... as the days pass and the boy and I alternate hours of laughing and playing together with hours of him entertaining himself as I go about living my life in his presence, showing him that I am a whole person and not just his mother... I am beginning to see that spark of recognition in his eyes that reassures me. The smile he gives me when our gazes cross during our time doing separate things; it tells me that he knows. He knows just how completely he is loved.

Always and forever my sweets...


  1. Great entry. I love the pictures of your mother. She is beautiful! <3

  2. There is nothing so beautiful as a happy adult. Children look around so often and see the tension and regret in the eyes of an older generation. So slow to laugh, to tired to touch....what a beautiful way to capture a legacy for your young one. Little man, you stand on the shoulders of greatness. Gardens planted, houses built, birdhouses made, gravel pits reclaimed - build your towers..... sow your dreams.

  3. What great pictures, you both look so happy, your mother is really beautiful! Yes love your line about showing your child the entire person, that is really the best way...

  4. Thank you all! She is a really beautiful woman, inside and out... I cannot describe how lucky I am to have her as my mom.


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