Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: Dancing on the Moon

    Recently I've been making some pretty big changes to my wardrobe, especially in terms of my dresses and other more formal attire. I've spent a considerable amount of time sorting through my clothes and tossing out (or donating in most cases) things that I acquired for one reason or another (whether that be out of convenience, cost-concerns or a desire to fit within a certain ideal of professionalism) that did not line up with the way I visualize myself in terms of style. I've always professed that you can be professional/appropriate and still be yourself, but haven't been following my own advice these past few years.

   I've made a commitment to buying only things that which I really love... and not just things I admire, but things that I can feel like myself in. There are many aesthetic qualities I truly love that  I would never feel comfortable wearing myself... they may be beautiful but in them I feel like I'm wearing a costume. A mask made of clothing and accessories.

   One of my newer pieces is this Meteor Sighting Dress from ModCloth. I had been eying it for months and was hemming and hawing over it as there were others that were cheaper and more "business professional" looking available... yet I kept coming back to it. When it got drastically marked down during their recent sale I couldn't pass up the opportunity and I am beyond glad that I grabbed one before they sold out!

   So here you have it... my version of business wear! Also... if you hadn't seen it yet elsewhere this is my hair after finishing the dye job. Still a work in progress as I learn to hone my DIY hairdying skills. My hope is to perfect getting an even allover tone and possibly find a new product that while help me actually achieve the color I was looking for instead of this blue/gray/purple variant. Any advice from those who've gotten good results is welcome and highly appreciated!

P.S. expect better picture quality in the future... my phone was all I had at my disposal at the time these were taken!


  1. Love that dress on you, it looks edgy but dreamy and flattering (your waist looks tiny!) Great buy. I too am trying not to buy things just because they are on sale. My manta is: "Don't buy anything on sale that you woudn't pay full-price for."

  2. Thanks!

    That is a good mantra indeed!

  3. That dress looks lovely on you! I love ModCloth, but they're too expensive for my pocket, and I find that most of their thing are really over priced. If they lowered their prices, I would definitely shop there a lot. Cute outfit!



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