Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Again

For most of his life he's played indoors... one excuse after another given by his easily overwhelmed mother. There's so much prep work that goes into a trip beyond our front door... diapers to pack, and toys, and sippy cups and snacks. First we'll need to eat and by the time we would get back, a nap... oh so much to plan around. Better to just stay inside.

But... once on the other side a new world opens up, new possibilities, new adventures to behold. For him, and for her alike. It all seems so simple. Those stumbling blocks once so huge, now are trivial and inconsequential. The sun, in an instant cured those self-made delusions of the mind. Physical reunion healing her mental blight. 


Laid out before them are sidewalks waiting to be marched upon and swings to be swung. Slides to climb up rather then ride down, barking dogs, lawnmowers buzzing not so far away.... shoes now dirty and hands once clean grasping at mud.




To his little eyes and ears the outdoors are magical, mystical... wild. Their sparkling enjoyment reignite the flames of love his mother, so moments-ago reluctant, used to carry for nature's healing air. Her passion for the perfection of a fresh breath fully inhaled, a breeze fully felt, a notion of being completely at home without the need for a roof or a couch fully known. Experienced. Lived. 

There is life pulsing through the atmosphere that can only be acutely detected through direct contact with nature. Unprocessed air filling our lungs and caressing our shoulders and faces in the same moment. How quickly we forget the restorative powers and wonder that can only be accessed when connected with the home of our homes. The environment in which we we build our own personal habitats. Our families. Our lives.

Turn off your computer... go outside.

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