Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Perils of Pinterest

What does one do when they become more addicted to seeking inspiration than acting on it? Apparently, based on my personal experience of the last few weeks, they spend an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest... seriously, I don't have any time to sew because I'm too busy pinning sewing tutorials, I can't seem to pull together any outfits for a Schizophrenic Style post because browsing through the endless ideas online is much more comfortably done in my pajamas... and right now my new pair of Mary Jane pumps I'm breaking in... by sitting on the couch.

Don't get me wrong, I am doing things... I have almost a full month stringed together of daily checklist completion. I read, I book babysitters and meet up with my husband to build new business relationships, and more importantly friendships. But I have not created anything in quite a while. In fact the most recent "Artistic Endeavor" that I initiated (that did not involve hair dye) was way back on my road trip out to my sister's school back in February and it's still unfinished. So where does someone so out of practice start? What is the best project to dive head first into? What will create in me the most creative momentum for the amount of effort expelled?

I'm not quite sure but I do have a few ideas... ideas I found through Pinterest no less:

Fellow craftaholics; where do you begin when you begin again? What's your proven formula for getting back in the flow?


  1. I am NOT a craftaholic and/or I am not crafty. I cannot/do not craft/create with my hands. But, man, Pinterest makes me want to.

  2. It's like crack for crafters I swear!!! And crack for pretty much everything else... since joining Pinterest I find myself wanting to dive into a hundred different things at once; crafting, photography, painting, traveling, decorating, working out, baking/cooking... pulling everything out of my closet and trying to pull together new outfits I'd never thought of before...

    It's exhausting!

  3. Love the skirt!But I am not talented enough to make it. : (

  4. Do you sew Shelly?

    I'm planning on giving it a try in the near future, I'll let you know how difficult or easy it turns out to be!

  5. Usually what motivates me the most to get busy is coming up with things to make as gifts instead of things for myself that will inevitably clutter up the apartment. I've already decided what I'm making for Christmas presents this year and I'm dying to get started. First I'll need the money for supplies and time to work on them... stupid wedding, sucking up all of my free time! :D kidding. Good luck!

  6. That makes so much sense... it's hard to find the motivation to make stuff when I know I'll just be adding to my collection of things I am trying to par down. I hadn't thought about it that way.

    Gifts are definitely the way to go!


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