Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taking a Stab at my Subconscious

So I have been doing a lot of reading and studying lately on the subconscious mind and how to get yours to work for you. That is in part why I began my daily checklist project, the obvious reason of remembering what I need to get done still applies, but really, my main motivation was to build a baseline of trust between my conscious and subconscious mind by following through with physical actions I consciously committed to. Engaging the will on something measurable. Small yes. But again it's about laying a groundwork, brick by brick. Self trust. Believability.

Part of that process involves setting time limit goals so I have guaranteed stopping points along the way at which I can measure my progress an assess where any changes may need to take place. For me, positive reinforcement when I hit those goals also has to be physical. Something tangible and as such generally material. At least for now, based on where I am at currently in my life. So when I hit a small goal I buy myself a small reward to remind my subconscious mind of two things 1) that I did do what I said I was going to do and that pesky old conscious mind guy may be worth listening to now and again... and 2) that no good deed goes unrewarded. The work actually pays off. No more punishment for good behavior as I have done in the past.

That being said, each week I completed my checklist every single day without missing one I rewarded myself with something small... hair dye, a pair of sale shoes, etc. But yesterday was different. Yesterday I completed a full month. I beat my own personal best in being consistent. And so... viola!

I got my nose pierced!! 

It's something I have been wanting to do for a long while but could not justify the price tag. But as in investment? An investment in my mental state. My long term success?... my level of consistency and self trust, respect, confidence, insert-your-adjective-here....? WORTH IT!!

And you know what? This is my first piercing that didn't really hurt! How's is that for an unexpected dose of awesomeness? 

Anyways, I am super excited about it if you can't already tell. It's a tad lower than the standard so that when my six week healing buffer is over I can switch it out for a ring that will hug my nose instead of sticking out super far for the sake of being long enough... if that makes any sense. 

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