Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Autumn Obsession Confession

It may still officially be August but in my heart Autumn has already begun. It's hard not to live my life in perpetual preparation and anticipation of my favorite season. This year especially being my first year in a real house of our own where we have the option to hand out candy on Halloween... take our little one trick or treating (though he's still too young for those sorts of treats so we'll likely pass) or have people over... maybe even all of the above. Plus... yesterday I saw the first pumpkin that has begun to grow in my patch... and there are blooms all over indicating that soon that small round guy will be one of many!

There is just something magical about the crisp Autumn air that I cannot put into words. Something that makes me feel magical... light, airy, yet mysterious with a slightly ominous tone to it. The knowledge that its perfection will eventually give way to brutal cold somehow makes it all the more alluring. Though I can't say I would turn down the opportunity to live in the Fall atmosphere year round if ever given the chance. It's like home to my soul. How could one say no to that?

Alas only so many leaves can drop from tree branches before they become barren and they must bloom and become green before they can once again shift to the magnificent yellows, oranges and reds of October. The crisp air is transitional in it's very nature and cannot be sustained. The sadness of it's impermanence only adds to it's beauty. The smells, the sights, the sounds. The eerie calm of a late August night hinting at the arrival of something new. A change in the wind.

The rose bushes still hold high their blossoms in my front yard as I type this and almost all of the grass and leaves are still green... but last night I noticed something... the need for a sweater or blazer in the setting sun. A smile formed on my face as the implications of this realization set in. Autumn, around the corner... home again.

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  1. I'm so with you here! We went to the lake this weekend and I was thrilled to need a hoodie once the sun began to set.
    We already have gourds growing in the garden (the only one to bud so far was unfortunately attacked by an animal and is no more) and I've been contemplating getting out the decorations already no matter how ridiculous it may seem to anyone else. I also bought some pumpkin spice pudding at the salvage grocery this weekend. It made me think of my lovely SIL and the love we share for all things pumpkin :)
    I love the fall..the sights, the smells, the sound of leaves crunching under your feet. It is indeed a magical season. I feel closer to nature and all living things in autumn.
    You guys should come see the park by our house when you're here in October. Driving home from work everyday through these old neighborhoods and through the park is the highlight of my year. I'm dying to move back home so I can be closer to the ones I love, but my heart will always long to be in this neighborhood when fall sets in.


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