Monday, August 8, 2011

I Feel the Need: The Need to Read

There seems to be no better way, that I have found, to rejuvenate ones mind than to read. From books. Online reading is ok of course, but more often than not is does not feed the soul in the same fashion as a book... something about proximity to thousands upon thousands of distractions along with the plugged in factor. Being connected; even the possibility of being interrupted, by an email, IM, text message, Tweet, etc is so stress-inducing that it does not allow my mind to hone in on the words I am consuming with my eyes... with my mind.

Today I woke up feeling rather unwell and my amazing hero of a husband came to my rescue, calling in and taking over baby duty... and coffee grinding/brewing duty, and food prep duty... pretty much everything I do without thinking about it in the morning... the things that when all of a sudden I can't do, reveal themselves to be quite important. Or at least the ones involving caffiene. But despite my day off, my checklist goes on. Remains, waiting to be checked off. So very,very close to my next milestone. My next reward. As long as I accomplish in spite of struggle... so I picked up my book and began my daily 15 minutes of reading, chip on my shoulder, just knowing the strain on my poor pathetic eyeballs would exponentially increase the magnitude of my headache... but then my timer went off and there I was still reading... still wanting to read.

Even when tired and achy and whiny (and complainy... one of my favorite non-word words) reading turns me around. Puts my feet back on the ground and shifts my focus back to where I need it to be. Centered. Balanced. The subject matter, though effecting much in the long term, does not seem to play too heavy of a role in the mechanics of written words unraveling the tightly wound anxieties in my mind. Dr. Suess or David J. Scwartz Ph.D. and I am back right where I want to be. Back to me.


  1. Loving seeing picture and you and your baby. reading turns me all around too, whatever my mood!

  2. Thanks! It's definitely been a reset button for me in my life, whenever things get a little off I just pick up a book.


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