Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wearing My Heart on My... Wall.

This year I didn't get around to picking up a Valentines Day card for my sweetheart in time... so instead I decided to make use of all those lonely magazines sitting around our condo:

He spent all day Sunday with me doing things that I wanted to do. It was supposed to be our Valentines Day celebration as a couple but in review I realized the only part of the day that wasn't focused entirely on me was our meal... and even so, it was pizza, which is my obsession, not his. So I cut out as many hearts as I could between putting the little one to bed and him getting home...
This is what hes saw as he turned the corner to our unit:

 ....and as he opened the door...

Meet Dagron... yes his name is Dagron... he is Jason's "pet". Try as I may he remains in this prominent spot on our wall.

    I also spent a good portion of my day yesterday leaving people "notes" (I cheated and did it on facebook, sue me) telling them why I think they are awesome... and I've got to say that it is impossible to be in a bad mood when you spend an hour or more of your day intentionally uplifting other people. I know that this revelation of mine is nothing new, but knowing something and experiencing it's truth first-hand are always exponentially different. I'm pretty hooked on the feeling!

What did you do for Valentines Day?


  1. I came home to a house where a crazy lady had cut out hundreds of hearts from magazines and stuck them everywhere. Then I ate an amazing dinner she cooked for me.

    Thank crazy lady, I love you sooo much!!! ;^)

  2. that's so cute! a little crazy is a good thing :) and besides.. i would classify that as thoughtful hehe

  3. Crazy is always a good thing. :) Wonder if Martha Stewart ever would sy such a thing?

  4. treasure one another. life is short and it's so seldom that we truly put ourselves out there for someone else...especially the one that we commit our life to. if we don't make their world a special place to be...a soft place to fall....who will? you are a beautiful wife and mother. i'm glad to know you.

  5. What a bold, passionate, spontaneous, and beautifully extravagant outpouring of affection! I applaud the artist you are. Clearly, Jason as your muse is a wellspring for your creativity.

    And as a recipient of one of your Zora affirmations, let me tell you I felt wonderfully loved and lifted. Thank you so much Cat for your wors and your example.

    Love Always,

  6. You are crazy lol :D and I love it!!

    I had cake and ice cream with Caitlin after having giving homemade Valentines to each other!

    It was nice! I can't wait to see you and give you the Valentine that I made YOUUUU

  7. Oh yay!!! I love you and I'm so excited to see you!!!


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