Monday, February 21, 2011

Wanderlust and the Ties that Bind

Thursday I spent most of the day cleaning and packing, and a little time hanging out with my dad watching Man on Wirewhile I did so. It was the perfect beginning to an amazing whirlwind of a weekend; the idea that someone could walk across a wire between the twin towers... that high in the air... was awe inspiring to say the least.

Maybe it was the movie, maybe it was my pure excitement over having a weekend away, just me and my sister, or maybe it was simply my need to disengage, but sleepiness did not invade my consciousness once during the entire six and a half hour drive. It was me, my Zune and the road. My voice got increasingly hoarse as the miles traveled accumulated, but nevertheless my steering wheel listened intently as a belted out each new melody. The shuffle of songs served as a welcome reminder of just how many facets one personality can hold. Something about driving down long stretches of highway, alone, under the cover of darkness equates itself to an unveiling of sorts, a shedding of all exterior masks and personas. The road doesn't care about the fact that all of your likes and dislikes seem to contradict each other, or make you feel awkward about the fact that you actually kind of love your own off key singing. The road just is, and it proves difficult to not respond in like when in it's company. Just be.

Image c/o Victor Bezrukov
   I arrived at my destination early, early, EARLY in the morning, and proceeded to nap for a few hours before getting up again in time to chow down on some California Rolls courtesy of Lindsay's meal plan. Being there made me second guess my decision not to continue on the college path, for a moment anyways, until I realized that the things I like about college are more related to atmosphere than education and that is the reason I decided against it in the first place. But, oh the atmosphere... something magical (at least to an outsider) about those old brick buildings and book bags, and design projects lining every hallway. Seeing my now-grown-up sister in her element is also especially inspiring. She introduced me to her roommates, played tour guide as we traipsed about the mom & pop shops downtown, drove me on a sightseeing trip outside of city limits to the famous "big tree" and allowed me into her world as we painted side by side all day in the school's studio where the paint covered easels, stools and pallets welcomed us with theoretical open arms.

  We went out for drinks to celebrate her new status as a 21-year-old, and ate some of the best food I've had in a long time, as well as some of the worst (nutritionally speaking anyways). We saw The Kings Speech in a theater that had old couches instead of fancy matching stadium seating chairs, and together we laughed and cried and clapped (quietly due to misplaced shyness on my part) as it came to a heartening end. Coincidentally the next morning I saw this incredibly poignant Post Secret >>>
I bought the most amazing blue leather skirt, and she is now the proud owner of a deer head jewelery stand we lovingly named Lionel. We saw one of her close friends in yet another inspiring performance about women and how important they are to the world. But mostly, we just reveled in each others company.

   After eating yet another amazing brunch Sunday morning I packed up my suitcase and reluctantly hit the road, slightly disenchanted with the idea of making the drive during the daylight hours with all the other cars on the road. I was however motivated by the urge to reunite with my guys back home... that and my undeniable need to beat the GPS eta... by a lot! Armed with the copy of the Muford & Sons album that Lindsay introduced me to during my time there (I know I'm behind the times) I set sail, so to speak. It was bittersweet to leave one magnificent world for another.

   It is also really good to be home.

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