Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jumping on The "Things I Love" Bandwagon

   I've noticed a trend these past few weeks while roaming about the blogosphere (being new to it and all), and normally I'm not one to follow trends all too much, or schedules either... but I'm really loving this whole" Things I Love Thursday" thing that's going on! How uplifting! So no promises that this will become a regular feature or anything like that, but for today I am joining the masses in sharing with you what makes me happy.

The fact that I just saved $491 via Modcloth's Cabin Fever Sale!!!
   I've been needing to buy some fun business clothes that suit my personality since everything I own in terms of dress clothes was from my days in retail over 5 years ago and the majority were really poor quality, making them pretty much unwearable now.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

   I was going to wait until I finished this bookto write any kind of review on it but it has been so encouraging already that I feel it deserves mention in my "Things I Love" list. I am the type of person who has to constantly battle the feeling that I need to be a master at something at my very first attempt or it's never going to happen and isn't even worth trying, and since picking this book up a few weeks ago (for the second time) I have been much more consistent and productive in my daily life as well as in working toward more long term far reaching goals. I highly recommend it. Side note: to all of those readers out there like myself who get irritated by repetition, it is worth trudging through in this case for all those little gems interspersed throughout. Plus if you understand the message of the book the reason behind the authors repetitiveness becomes clear and much less annoying. I kind of feel like him and I are in on a little secret every time he repeats the main point.

This home library:


My current musical obsession...  

yes, I just listened to Mumford & Sonsfor the first time this past weekend. I will never be completely "with it" in terms of music, I'm always running just a little behind (if not more). I actually prefer it that way most of the time because all the stuff I'm not likely to love gets weeded out for me, most of the time anyways. Also, I'm always open to suggestions.

Bangs... Of all different shapes, textures and styles:

I'm really loving V Bangs in particular at the moment... but not sure I can commit to their maintenance level.

Painting my nails for the first time in months!

...and of course my list would be incomplete without... 

These Guys!!!
 How can you not love that cuddly father-son sleepfest?!?!?!!! 


  1. i loveeeeeeee that library ! i found you on the sometimes sweet blog im just stopping by to say hello!

  2. Thanks for coming by! I love all the cookies you've been posting about... makes me want to break out my baking gear.


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