Friday, February 11, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: Bring it on Home

     I will likely never grow tired of finding new ways to style my trusty old band tees... for some people it's their basic black tank top, or their favorite flip flops but for me it has always been my Led Zeppelin gear.
     A few days ago I made the monumental decision to finally toss the first Zeppelin shirt I owned. It was time.... but still the decision wasn't easy. It was a hand-me-down from a not-so-good-influence acquaintance, a memory of a previous life. The seams around the neck and arms had long since unraveled and stray threads were left swaying in the wind. My bird had chewed several holes in it's fabric and to be quite honest it was way too big. The frumpy factor was near max capacity. 

But in spite of all of the check marks adding up in the con column against it, I loved that shirt. It had been part of my signature style for so long. A hingepin in the wardrobe I used to express myself. Define myself.
 I expected to feel sad over this purging of past memories, or at least a little nostalgic, but the timing must have been nothing short of perfect because all I felt was free. I could keep my love of Led Zeppelin and apparel proudly sporting it's moniker without the ties to past version of myself who I shared this ongoing obsession with. 

What a relief!

Cardigan - H&M
New(er) Led Zeppelin Shirt - Thrifted
Skirt - Modcloth
Tights - Modcloth
Boots - Two Lips c/o DSW
My Pet Octopus Necklace - Modcloth


  1. Yeah I have t-shirts that I know I will never get rid of. You could always make one into a pillow or put it on a canvas (stretched out). Just a suggestion or the ones that have sentimental value. : )

    ps cute hair cut : )

  2. Thanks Shelly! I do actually have a pillow or two made from old shirts already and though I love them and can't bear to get rid of them I just don't have room for them... which is my own fault for hoarding pillows lol. The one I refer to in this post however was destined for the trash bin.

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  4. Ah, Led Zeplin, good old King Theodin-- err... Robert Plant.

    Anyway; as far as your unique style and being yourself, I thought you may identify with this quote:

    "To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting."

    [E.E. Cummings]

    Found it in RASCAL by Chris Brady.

  5. Awesome!!! Haha two of my all time favorite things, Led Zeppelin and LOTR!!!

    Also, that quote is beyond incredible.

  6. I know - it's hard to throw out those memories. I have kept a couple of the kids' old ones and keep meaning to frame them. Have a great weekend!


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