Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: Morticia Meets Mary Lennox

   I have always been extremely inspired by and drawn to Gothic clothing, jewelery, and actually, pretty much anything Gothic styled from make-up to home decor, to art. I shied away from it for several years post high school after falling a little too far into some of the lifestyle choices that are often associated with the aesthetic, but the love never went away. I knew logically that the negative lifestyle and the aesthetic weren't mutually exclusive, but still I felt a disconnect between the person I wanted to be in all other areas of my life and the way I pictured my ideal self visually in my mind, convinced I couldn't have both. Recently, though I came to a realization, that all the effort I was expending trying to "tone it down" was getting in the way of accomplishing anything in the other realms of my existence, the more important ones. I couldn't move past this feeling of not being comfortable in my own skin.

   I am currently exploring a creative outlet which was once daunting to me and I have to say that so far I'm pretty happy with the results. I am figuring out how to integrate my more Gothic tendencies into all the rest of my styles in a way that is seamless and not kitschy. Ex. florals, bold colors and a blazer that looks like it came straight from the closet of Morticia Adams. All in one outfit.

   I intend to write more on this topic in the future, but for now suffice it to say that I feel like I'm coming into my own. My style may be slightly schizophrenic, sure, but as I'm getting older I feel as if I'm succeeding more and more each day at creating  an accurate external vision of myself that is actually somewhat cohesive!

Do you have a signature style? If so how would you describe it and what aesthetic elements do you find to be crucial components that style? How do you blend different "genres" to create your own unique brand? I'd love to hear other people's perspective on this topic!


  1. I am starting to explore more of my style as well. I like the goth look and the vintage look the most. At the same time though I like to be comfy at home. :)

  2. I agree Shelly. The desire to be comfortable is a big obstacle for me, when I'm at home anyways... for some reason dressing in was that are somewhat uncomfortable when I'm going out doesn't bother me really it's the at home all day just me and the baby days where I have a hard time working up the motivation to put on button up shirts, blazers and jewelery.

  3. Give me a fine Super 130s (or more) threadcount wool suit with side vents in the jacket, a perfect French cuff shirt, tie to match, pocket silk matching the tie, fedora with a band that matches the pocket silk, cufflinks, tie chains, watch, rings, collar bar, bracelets, lapel pins, sharp shoes with a reptile skin of some sort and a matching metal, matching belt with exchangeable buckles, don't forget some awesome socks, all put together in a way no one has seen and I'm on top of the world.

  4. You are really good at putting together unexpected combination's when it comes to dress clothes!

  5. This is really interesting and was great to read- thank you!!
    I was really into the "emo" look back when I was in high school and it still influences me even today. I still listen to a lot of the same music as I did back then, and while I don't dress quite how I did when I was 15 (think tartan skirts, fall out boy tshirts and striped knee socks), elements of the punkiness of the movement are always present in my look- leather jackets, studded ankle boots, black nails. I also still have my hair similar to back then. I had blonde, pink and black hair for 4 years and recently dyed the pink black, but you can still tell I have a bit of an edginess from my hair, but I wasn't the pink haired girl anymore. I'd moved on from that.
    I really love the way you've incorporated the jacket into this look. It's still a little goth, but combined with the other elements of your outfit it looks great!! I love all the layers here!!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, by the way, which was how I found my way over here.
    Thank you for your compliments on my outfit- I wasn't sure whether to include any of the coat shots because I was just wearing it so my boyfriend could take tests shots, but I decided I actually liked it with the coat!!
    I am definitely much more comfortable having someone photograph me than being alone with my remote and tripod- I feel so stupid!!
    Hope you stop by my blog again soon :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  6. I was a pink-haired highschooler too! ...well it was just my bangs that were pink, and more often the orange that came afterwords due to fading.

    I don't remember how I found your blog... just jumping from link to link around the blogosphere I guess but your hair is one of the first things that drew me in! Also... your styling of the fight club shirt from a little while back... Genius! And I'm really glad you included some of the coat photos!


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