Saturday, January 28, 2012

Upward From Ashes

   Every once in a while I am reminded in a powerful way that everyone I meet is fighting a battle that I can't see. We all have our thing. Our sore spot. Our human version of kryptonite. Some people struggle with tangible things. Poverty, physical illness, relational deficiencies. Other people are haunted with invisible ailments. Hurdles inside their own minds.

   Sometimes I wish I could trade mine in. A more straightforward, clear-cut problem must be easier to cope with, or better yet, overcome... Right?  But then I remember the progress I've made this far. If I gave up my set for another I would also be giving up everything I learned from mine... And more importantly the opportunity to relate to someone else who does not yet know that their struggle is both valid and valuable.

   It happens so often that the moment I begin to wish for a different brand of disorder is the same moment when someone comes along who needs what I have gained from it. When I don't feel I have anything left to give, someone reminds me that what I've already given was enough to make them feel not so alone.

You are not alone.

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