Friday, January 13, 2012

My Lucky Day

   It may be completely idiotic and ridiculous but I love things like Friday the 13th. Not because I believe they have any power but because they are evidence instead that our beliefs about things do. In the past I have both expected bad things to happen on this unluckiest of days, and expected it to be a fun day full of a silly, fun kind of spookiness. It is no secret that I am attracted to things that are creepy. I like to be scared. Not grossed out, disgusted or full-on disturbed though... there is a difference as I have written a bit about in the past here and there. But that is a topic all it's own that I'm sure I will get in to again in the future. For now? I'm pretty happy it's both a Friday and the 13th of the month. I've found that when I go into the day a) aware of what day it is and b) expecting it to be the fun semi-lighthearted form of "scary" that I love so much, it always turns out to be just that.

   In my high school days I would wake up early to do my makeup extra "gothy" and would drape some black lace over my usual garb and pretty much pretend that I was a part of the mysterious power people claimed it had, rather than have the power work against me. It wasn't unlike my naive belief during those days that I was more scary/dangerous/hardcore/etc than any force that could stand against me. "Don't walk in dark alleys in the middle of the night? At age 14? By myself? In a short skirt? Psshh. Any attacker would run and hide the moment they realized who they were dealing with! I got this."

   Now-a-days I'm not so fixated on being a part of the negative associated with the day. I much prefer to use the occasion to marvel at the power of expectation. Positive or negative. How we really do get what we think about the most. Think about the things that could go wrong, or even that something entirely unknown will pop up and ruin your day... better bet that is exactly what's going to happen. Expect to indulge your creepy tendencies a bit and have fun doing so, then you're in for a good day.

   How any of this explains the one year I was completely oblivious to the fact that it was Friday the 13th and every other thing seemed to go wrong... well, it doesn't. But today? Today is a good day for me.

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