Friday, January 6, 2012

A Day Above All Else

   In finishing up my rundown of our 2011 Christmas experience I am finding it hard to go slowly and methodically over my memories of the day in order to organize my thoughts as I normally do. Because, well, it was anything but a slow organized day. After a serene morning with just us three, we took a few minutes to relax, regroup and chug some coffee. Actually I drank the coffee. Then we got to work. Or Jason and I did. Bastian played with his new toys and took an early nap.

   This was our first year hosting and it had to be perfect. Because... that's just me. Hi! Hello, I am Mrs. "Bites-off-more-than-she-can-chew" and I always manage to chew it all even if I choke a little in the process.

   Yes. I am that one.

   So, now that we've established that I'm crazy it only makes sense that while I thought I was more prepared going into this holiday than any one ever before it (and I was) I still had a ton my plate. A lot of which kept me away from the merriment taking place in our living room while I cooked and cleaned and all of that good stuff. BUT I did get to spend time with my parents, sister and my in-laws at the same time instead of driving around from place to place, happy to see the people we hadn't yet but sad to leave the ones we were with. Trying to wrestle a toddler (holy cow... he's officially a toddler now. Wha??) in and out of his cold weather gear with new toys in hand. And leftovers. There are always LOTS of leftovers. This year was no exception... but they did not need to be transported far. From the counter to the fridge. And we got to send some home with other people instead of the other way around! It fact I was slightly tyrannical about it. It was magnificent!

These labels were too funny to not use! Cranberry Juice, Squirt and the Rum leftover after my cupcake making!

   As far as the non-leftover food, while time consuming by the very nature of serving a large meal for 9.5 people (all items of which need be warm together at the same time for maximum enjoyment), it turned out well and I think it's safe to say was an overall success. Rolls were a tad burnt but as far as I am aware they were the only casualty out of a wide offering. So... yes, worth it.

    We exchanged gifts, merged traditions, took turns coaxing Bastian away from his already opened toys to open the plethora of still perfectly packaged ones and I tried unsuccessfully to restrain myself from holing up in anther room to play around with my new mini hoops. I am completely obsessed. We ate too many appetizers, too many helpings of dinner and then eggnog cupcakes, gingerbread trifle and birthday cake to top it all off. Yes, birthday cake... my Dad was blessed/cursed with a Christmas birthday and so we switch gears after dinner and light as many candles as we can fit on a cake... or however many represent his current age, whichever comes first. (wink, wink. Love you Dad!).
Actually, for those of you that have been following along my weight loss/fitness journey I don't want to be misleading by saying I gorged myself all day with no repercussions. I ate what I wanted to (for the most part, skipped the rolls and butter) but in small portions. I even had some of each desert (cut in half)... and still lost over the holidays. It can be done!
   There were so many, handmade, sentimental gifts this year in addition to all of the other thoughtful presents picked out with the greatest of care. It was so incredibly heartwarming to watch both families together on such a special day, a new and growing unit. I thought I would miss some of what was lost in the starting of this new tradition but I didn't have time to mourn the shift... that was last year. This year was fresh and refreshing. It was new in every sense of the word. And I loved every minute of it. Even the ones where I was overwhelmed and a bit snippy. Even the ones where we were reminded that we celebrated as sinners not as victors over our shared fallen nature but as broken people with our own faults who have been given the greatest gift of all. A Savior.

   That really was the feeling that permeated our celebrations this year. Admittedly, not all of the days leading up to the holiday... but for those two days our hearts were in the rightest of places.

Now for the other 363 days of the year... 

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