Sunday, January 8, 2012

Schizophrenic Style: Circus Chic

   I tend draw my wardrobe inspirations from a wide array of different subcultures and time eras, many of which don't mix well with each other... but it doesn't stop me from trying. This look, to me anyway, evokes thoughts of circuses, pirates and something else I can't quite put my finger on. 

   This is why I will likely never have a "signature look". There is far too much good stuff out there to choose from. I'd rather decide for certain what I am not than narrow my options so much as to choose a confining definition of what I am

   I remember being faced with a choice I thought was obvious when taking a photography class during my short stint at community college. A series of self portraits or the opposite... I wanted to choose the "anti" portraits because it seemed far less cliche. But as I thought on it more and more, I realized that there were so many more things that I was than things that I was not. While it was easy to depict things that were decidedly not me, it was far more difficult to, in a series of 6 or 8 photographs (honestly can't remember) encompass all of the aspects of myself.

   As such, my wardrobe has become in these past few years my palette. My medium. My primary, or at times  (when I am brave enough with my writing) secondary source of self expression. And the self that I am expressing is incredibly diverse in interests, talents and inspirations. Staunchly grounded in my beliefs and core values, but entirely non-committal when it comes to aesthetics. 

It all comes down to roots and wings. My roots are the things for which I am firmly, and intentionally entrenched. Faith, family, freedom.... most of the rest is art to me. My wings. Open skies for exploring. Without the baseline that remains always in place the immensity of the sky would be overwhelming, scary... treacherous. Without the skies the ground might feel enslaving.... but I am blessed to have both.

Roots & Wings

Blouse - Forever21
Vest - Forever21
Jeans - Gap (thrifted)
Boots - DSW
Necklace - Hot Topic

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