Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowy Days and SOPA Rage

    Yesterday I was silent. I am often silent on this blog. Based on last years stats I published a post less than one third of the days of the year... but yesterday was different. I was silent when I had something I wanted to say. Not just wanted to say, but was itching to say.

    Instead, I was silent for one day to protest legislation that if not stopped could silence me and so many others. In just one area, yes. But that area being the internet, which, to put it mildly has become a necessary medium of not only personal expression but of business and social connectivity and so many other crucial aspects of our lives as American citizens and people in general. SOPA and PIPA are extremely dangerous assaults on our freedom. They may simply seem like vague, poorly worded proposals, but it would be naive to believe that some of these scary side-effects that have gotten everyone (including myself) protesting were unintended. While our elected officials and representatives may not always be the picture of intelligence or common sense, they are not ignorant of the ramifications this legislation would have. I have a hard time buying the notion that they "just don't understand the internet well enough to know the damage this would actually do."

    So yesterday this web address was "blocked out", if you didn't happen to stop by and see it for yourself. Instead of this lovely new blog design you see now, there was simply an invitation to join the, hopefully, millions of us in this protest/petition/message to whoever will listen. But, though the "black out day" is over it is not to late to get informed and involved. For starters check out this quick, to-the-point video:

   After that, I would think that the best action would be to contact your congressman to have your opinion heard. As loudly as possible. From there any online petitions you want to join in on are gravy.


   That was yesterday. The day before it was much less politically charged in our household. It snowed. And for the first time ever we were prepared with Bastian-sized snowpants and boots... so how could we not take to the back yard to watch our little guy enjoy yet another totally new experience. And he braved the cold like a champ! Both Daddy and I were shivering our butts off waiting for him to give any sign that the novelty was wearing off, even just slightly, so we could retreat to the warmth of the indoors... but, rosy-cheeks be damned he was just not ready yet. So we followed him around until eventually a mitten fell off and  the cold sting of the snow was made known to his tiny hand. It was the only moment during the whole encounter where his smile dimmed for a moment and a barely audible whimper left his lips. We took the cue and ran inside where he proved that opening every drawer in the kitchen (and emptying their contents onto the floor) is just as fun when fully decked out in your snow gear.

   Days like those are the reason why I spend others studying, growing and sometimes even protesting so that I can do my part to keep these freedoms we have left for my son to experience with his kids when that time comes. I need to know that I did everything I could, and though I often fall short I will never stop trying.... so that in the future the only silence the snow brings with it is the peaceful kind.

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