Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Mind on Auto Pilot: The Art of Programing Your Destination

   Forgive my absence, this past week has been one of taking in instead of pouring out. A dry sponge is useless in distributing water and so I unplugged somewhat from my world of constant output opting instead to focus on my input. I remember hearing something once that stuck with me, though I don't remember the quote word for word... it's sentiment was that if you are not consistently reading good books what you write is not worth reading, if your not listening to to good input what you say isn't worth hearing. It may seem extreme but if you think about it we are all a product of our input and if there is little quality input rarely can there ever be quality output.

   What I often fail to remember is that input can simply be quite time to think; intentionally delve into thought... not skills, habits, emotions or instinctual  reactions but thoughts. Even more importantly dreams. All too often we react to things from a mental state similar to the auto pilot function in our vehicles. Take a second right now and try to visualize in detail what your ideal lifestyle would be, what car would you drive if every car cost a dollar, what kind of house would you live in (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, what color is the exterior? the interior?)... did you think about options that are a step or two up from where you are right now or did you picture things that are way beyond the scope of current possibility? It's likely that it was easier to visualize a "realistic progression" from your current place in life. Why is that? Why is it so difficult to imagine, in a split second something grand for ourselves? In my opinion it's more likely because it's outside of our realm of input than outside of our realm of possibility. Our auto pilot allows for simple steps up in aspirations for ourselves, but anything beyond the next stepping stone or two takes intentional thought... and that my friends doesn't happen on it's own.

So to tie up my week of proper input I am going to spend the rest of my day thinking on, and writing about the things that I want to have, do and become. Here's a peek into my list:

Have: The house from Practical Magic

Do: Visit ALL of the Disney theme parks... and have the time to enjoy every attraction we want to!
Image C/O Raymond Brown
Become: A woman of strength

What's on your list?


  1. To travel to each of the 50 United States at some point in my life. Well, maybe not Alaska, nothing cold is all that appealing to me no matter how beautiful it can be. If we stopped there on a cruise, I'd be satisfied I suppose.

  2. I've heard that Alaskan cruises are amazing and not as frigid as one would think :)

  3. To go Europe. I want to visit India and Japan too.

  4. I definitely want to go to Europe as well! Where in Europe would you go? Are you interested in the more historical sight-seeing type stuff or more fine dining/shopping/relaxing? I think that while I'd like a little of both what I really want is to go to all the historical landmarks!


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