Monday, April 18, 2011

Date Night, Music as Fuel for our Marriage

Jason and I went on a date this past Saturday... we've had dates since Bastian was born but we haven't really gotten back into the swing of things in regards to staying out late and acting like kids again. Not that it was a goal of ours to "get back to being irresponsible" or anything but it was so nice to drop the boy off with Grandma and Grandpa and drive out to a show not having the slightest clue what time we would be home. Which turned out to be 3:30am.

I have a tendency to get stuck in serious mode and sometimes the only thing that will snap me out of it is letting go with some loud, live music. Preferably late at night. It makes me feel rebellious, which I am not, and haven't been in a long time, but I still like to pretend.

We drove out to this cool little bar in Rockford called Kryptonite to see Venna which is a really amazing band that I mentioned in this post. Once again I highly recommend that you check them out. We've gone to see quite a few of their shows and although they are always amazing their set this past weekend was the best I've ever witnessed. I knew in advance that we were going to a reunion show for a band called the Meteah Strike and that for those more involved in the music scene it would likely be an emotional night, what I didn't expect was to get so swept up in it. There was something magical about the night though and despite my inability to put my finger on it entirely I have a feeling that it was all the bittersweetness the artists themselves were experiencing translating itself into a vibe that was transferred to us, the audience, through their performances. I love raw performances like that. I fell in love with both Joie De Vivre who played immediately after Venna and the Meteah Strike... both bands that are either currently or soon-to-be broken up. It was similar to the mix of excitement and major disappointment I feel upon delving into a newly discovered Joss Whedon show only to find out it was canceled after two seasons (why I continue to be surprised by that phenomenon is beyond me), a feeling I commiserated over with Heather after the show before heading to a local open-late Mexican restaurant. That Joss Whedon creates some amazing shows he does.

But back to the concert... I would be remiss if I didn't make mention of the fact that in addition to being a night for the history books in terms of music, after years and years of coaxing on Jason's part I enjoyed beer for the first time. And I do mean enjoyed, not just drank. Also, for the record it was my idea and not a result of his cumulative (good-natured) peer pressuring efforts... 312 isn't half bad! It may not be anything monumental but it's a step at least because I've never quite felt comfortable being the one person with a girly mixed drink at more casual venues when we're out and about.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures the entire night. What type of blogger am I?? So I will leave you with this instead:

Video c/o Christopher Sofolo

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