Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot Glue Gun Adventures: Easter Edition

Now that Bastian is passed the newborn stage and I've regained at least some of my sanity I can really begin to enjoy creating holiday traditions for him. The fun stuff, you know, like Easter baskets! The other day I stopped by Michaels and found a basket in the perfect shade of orange and knew right away that it was made for my little guy... except for those pink buttons, which were easily removed... and in their place:

One one side I added this obnoxiously large, glittery "B"... which is no where near as girly as those silly pink buttons! ...What?!? It's Easter! There's got to be at least a little cutesy going on!

On the other side I added these adorable little hot air balloons which were created to be put in a scrapbook. It was simple enough to remove the sticky foam adhesive on the back and hot glue them to the basket liner to procure a stronger attachment less likely to be removed by the previously mentioned baby. Strangely enough hot air balloons remind me of some of my earliest memories of him, before he was even born... it's a long story but suffice it to say that I was really upset upon finding out that pregnant women aren't allowed to ride. Ah hormones.

Anyways... I plan to use the basket in his room year round with the above side on display.

And the finished basket:

Inside are some of my favorite books I remember having/reading as a wee little one, his favorite not-so-cheap babyfood, some snacks for when he starts gumming on things, little boy socks, little boy hats, two little egg-shaped noise maker-thingys (maracas? Do they only call them that if they have handles?), baby sunglasses (squee!!!) and a little mini guitar toy that plays two short rock n' roll riffs...  the last two being entirely me. How could I pass them up??

What does the Easter bunny make sure to put in your baskets every year?


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