Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Off to be On

   Tomorrow is my day off. This may sound like a normal statement. Something people say when they have a traditional job and have "days off"... meaning days that they do not work. It could include anything from recreational sports, to sleeping in to doing laundry all day long in front of the TV. For me however, I do not have "on days" in the same way that the majority of people do... I do not have a job. I work, yes. I am a mom and that is a LOT of work. I write and that is quite draining as well... but my responsibilities are entirely self defined.
   That being said, a lot of my responsibilities, despite being things that I happily chose for myself (and would choose again in a heartbeat) are the type that tend to define me if I don't fight against that current. This leads to large spans of time in which I become entirely overwhelmed.  Now being one of those times. These past few weeks have been filled with wonderful, amazing things. I am grateful for them but I must admit that I am drained and lost in their wake.
   Tomorrow the day is all mine. Free from my normal responsibilities. Bastian is in bed as I type and I can already feel the relaxation sinking in to my bones knowing that I have one whole day to do only the things that I never get around to. To hoop, and make hoops. To paint my toenails and watch Juno or maybe just more Buffy. To do my makeup in the morning whether or not I plan to leave the house. To bake something, then sit down to eat it while it's still fresh. I have a feeling pumpkin muffins will be on the menu. To read without having to look up and make sure nobody has their head stuck between the couches... because it's just too quiet. Or to do none of those things if I feel like it when the time comes.
   What do you do when you get a free pass for a whole day? What restores your soul?

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