Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feet Without Shoes

There is something about hands at a keyboard
whether connected to a computer or a typewriter
sometimes even a phone
hands with wrinkles big or small
veins protruding as fingers type
a womans hands clothed in mismatched rings
chipped nail polish
dark blue with a slight shimmer
against the black and white keys
messages to someone 
a story to tell the world or hide from it
and from the heart of the writer
those hands could be doing a thousand other things
washing dishes
holding a lit cigarette between drags
touching someone
hiding inside tight pockets
but something about that keyboard makes them seem
on their own
and yet they draw their power from tense palms and
tattooed forearms
from hunched shoulders and furrowed brows
they are not ever

There is something about hearts locked together
about feet without shoes

There is something 
something so very different
about you.

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