Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who Likes Leaves?

This kid. That's who...

   Yes indeed. He is in fact my son... not that I was wondering, you know since I gave birth to him and all that jazz. But I do watch a lot of horror movies so you just never know. Except for right now. Right now I know.

   This November I am grateful for actually experiencing Fall this year. For soaking it in much more than the past few. And mostly for watching my kid do it too. Watching him go out of his way to crunch through any leaves in our path (or even remotely close to our path). For his obsession with candy corn and trick or treating. For the enthusiastic way he says "shoes on!" as he points to the back door. How much he loves all things apple and pumpkin related. How the Great Pumpkin sounds like 'Gate Punkin' rolling off his little tongue. And Snoopy like 'Soupy'. 

   Just... all of it. 

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