Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Scarecrow at The Door

   I'm pretty sure that just about everyone who knows me is well aware of my Halloween obsession... and so my lack of posting this month was probably assumed by many people to be a result of my being caught up doing Halloweeny (Leanne, that wordage is for you) things... and while I did do my fair share of spooky fun things this year, it has not been why I've been away. I have been writing things, stopping midway through, deleting what I've written, starting over and just plain procrastinating a lot... reasons for this may or may not be shared in the very near future. But I did want to hop on briefly and share a bit of our Halloween experience with all of you fine people. This was a milestone year for us in the TW household. It was Bastian's first year of trick or treating, and oh my, have I never seen a more excited child ever in my entire life! For days beforehand he ran around the house shouting "trick or teating!" (r's are still touch and go... candy coRn gets one but treating hasn't quite made the list). He had never done it and we didn't provide much of an explanation in an attempt to avoid even more begging for candy during the days leading up to the big event... so I'm blaming that one on The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Thanks M. Schulz!

   With Halloween falling on a Wednesday, which the Husband normally has off of work, we had planned to have a casual get together at our house and make his first trick or treating trip in our own neighborhood. Life working the way that it does, things changed and in order to fit in some other crucial things into our schedule, we wound up taking the party to my parents house since just about everyone else was working that day anyways. This played out incredibly well as a good portion of the people who weren't going to make it all the way out to our place then got to see our adorable little scarecrow in action.

   And an adorable scarecrow he did make... thanks to days upon days of battling with my sewing machine. But in the end it was worth it since a) it turned out to be even cuter than I had imagined and b) it only cost me roughly $8 in thrifted supplies and a Walmart roll of yellow yarn that made excellent "hay". My costume was quite as awesome or cost effective but overall I was happy being the crow that my boy scared all day. The skirt was the costly part and once I am in possession of more feather trim (yardage was miscalculated during the supply acquirement phase of costume making) I will have something I love to wear sans homemade wings and black face makeup/paint.

   Daddy wasn't too enthusiastic about any of the options available that would bring him into our costume loop (and I don't blame him, we're both pretty picky when it comes to costuming) and so he went as Dean Winchester from one of our favorite shows, Supernatural.  We made two short rounds trick or treating the first with my sister and the second a while later after we had a chance to warm up and get some food, with my best friend since high school. Grandma took photos and kept him occupied handing out candy to the other ghouls and goblins, which turned out to be the favorite activity of all. All in all it was just too much fun!

    We hope that you had as great of a time as we did, and had some spooky fun this Halloween!

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