Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Already Begun

   Lately I have been pretty much pretending that it's not summer... while, the excitement remains in part from the habit of looking forward to summertime from having spent a majority of my living years in school, it is not quite the season of my dreams like it is for some others. I enjoy the things about summer that most people do, cook-outs and driving with the windows down in my car, more time outside. But overall, I prefer the feeling of those same things in the beginning of the Fall season than I do in the midst of the heat of July... One thing I do love about summer, however, that I miss out on in the remaining months of the year, is swimming. Oh how I love the water. Luckily for me Bastian seems to be quite the fan of it just like his Momma.

   Yesterday we had the pleasure of an impromptu swimming session at the home of my very best friend, and oh my does that boy love the water. Watching him learn to let go and trust the floaties to hold him up, in a pool that I remember swimming in as a teenager before the thought of motherhood had entered my mind, was nothing short of surreal. It seems like each time I leave the house I feel more and more like an adult. Or at least closer to what I had imagined being an adult would be back when I was that teenager hanging out at my best friends house after school. It's strange but it's the insignificant things that make this whole adulthood endeavor seem real to me. The packing up a cooler of taco supplies so that we could make ourselves dinner, in a kitchen, instead of driving down the road to Taco Bell... the conversations about the different relationship dynamics between different people, and the ways in which choose what will continue in our lives and what we will do away with, instead of gossiping about who got suspended for what. I mean, when exactly did this happen? When did I make the shift? Because one day I felt like a kid living an adults lifestyle, what with the husband, the house and the kid, then the next day I really truly felt grown up. I no longer feel like I'm "playing house", this is actually my life. And I am really living it. Every moment.

   And the best thing about it is that I really do love it. This is the time of my life that I was always waiting for and it started without my knowing it. It is here.

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