Friday, July 6, 2012

Schizophrenic Style: Fourth of Jul-Eyes!

   This 4th of July I didn't put as much thought into my outfit as I sometimes do. In fact it's not even worth posting... blue jean cutoff shorts, a long red tank top with a thin white tee over it... nothing spectacular. BUT, I did go pretty all out with my makeup... or my eyes anyways. It was too hot out to worry about lipstick and all of that.

   I had seen an image floating around Pinterest of a really striking eyeshadow look that I would have sworn that I had pinned, but I didn't, so unfortunately I cannot share my inspiration with you. Suffice it to say it was black, white, bold and beautiful! I figured it would be simple enough to substitute red and blue for the black portions and I turned out to be right....

   I was pretty pleased with the results. So pleased that I would do a tutorial, but I am not so sure there's enough to say about how I created the look to constitute an actual "how-to". So here are the basics and I will answer any questions you can think to throw at me... how does that sound?

  1. Normal foundation routine etc.
  2. Primed entire lid (and thin line undereye) with Urban Decay Primer potion
  3. Cut section of scotch tape in half so that it is half as wide and place carefully down the center of the lid gently rubbing out any creases to prevent any shadow from getting under the edges.
  4. Apply Sugarpill's Love + in the inside corner of eye right up to the tape and blend
  5. Apply Navy eyeshadow to outside of the lid in the same manor and blend (I used a shade by Loreal H.I.P. that I got at Walgreens ages ago) 
  6. Remove tape and carefully apply Sugarpill's Tako in the center and on brow bone. I used a small angled brush to avoid blending shades together on the line as I wanted the straight, bold seam look from one color to the next.
  7. Eyeliner and mascara as normal 
  8. Fyrinnae Fluff to seal the look   
   That's it! Much simpler than I expected. And it lasted through the 90-something degree heat all day with no problems. One of those novelty looks that is awesome for holidays and special occasions!

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