Monday, February 20, 2012

Sick Days are for Forts

   My son loves to read... or more accurately to be read to, since he is only just shy of 18 months old, and as such can't really read for himself yet. I love that he loves to read. Seriously, LOVE IT! I would never want to do anything the discourage that, especially knowing how important reading is to pretty much every aspect of life... but... Mommies throat is on fire. She can barely speak. Seriously. OUCH!

   So, this Momma decided to build a fort in the living room for distraction purposes... and you know what? Apparently not even a fort can distract this child from his love of reading!! How could anyone turn down a love like that?

   They can't, is the answer. And so today we are reading. In a fort. Until I either pass out, lose my voice entirely, or both. Unless of course I hack up a lung before either of those things come to fruition. Truth be told, I'm loving it. Every single scratchy, stinging moment of it.

   In the spirit of full disclosure I do feel it pertinent to throw it out there that I am typing this during nap time. I may also be slightly feverish/delusional at this point... but, yes. Love. Love this life. This day. And of course, LOVE my little bookworm.

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