Sunday, February 5, 2012

Demolishing Obstaclés

This morning while playing with my son, I broke Obstaclés.

   Obstaclés is a bobble-head figure based off of a character created by Chris Brady, who represents exactly what his name implies. For more of a back story on the character check him out here.

   Since purchasing this guy several years ago he has sat on my desk at work, back when I had a job. Then our desk at home after I retired... and recently, up until today, he could be found in varying areas throughout our living room, dining room and office. Sometimes even Bastian's toy trunk! You see, I have never felt any need to be gentle with him, or protect him from any inevitable wear and tear. In fact I kind of enjoyed discovering new cracks and breaks in his surface. I liked having him as a reminder that obstacles in life are meant to be overcome, but at the same time I had no attachment to him sticking around for any length of time. He was made to be destroyed.

   I never felt compelled to destroy him outright and intentionally. I always thought I would let life toss him around as it so chose, the same as it does me, and watch how fragile he was too, despite his claims to the contrary. This morning I was not intending to decapitate him. I was simply assuming he was stronger than he really is. I tossed him causally into the other room and off popped his head! As I picked up the separate pieces I laughed to myself at first, but then as my joy grew I exclaimed to my husband sitting in the other room what had happened... with a huge grin on my face.

   You see the timing was nothing short of perfect. Yesterday we had a heart to heart and identified some problems that had been silently holding us back in our life together. And though those conversations are never easy they are almost always abundantly rewarding. When Obstaclés broke this morning I knew it was a good sign. A sign that a door had been opened. A wall brought to the ground. A pathway cleared. No where to go but forward. And the future is looking good my friends.

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