Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Explanation... Of Sorts

   My blog posts this month have been few and far between. A new season of life has made itself welcome in our home, already with it's shoes off and feet propped up on the couch before we even realized that the doorbell had rung. There are plenty of things to write about, but even more to do and experience. More being present in the moment. More mother/son moments. More husband/wife moments. More me moments. Less time to reflect on them in written form. I would apologize, but I have a feeling that my lack of online presence now will pay off in terms of quality blog content in the coming months. Besides, I was running out of things to share and now I have more ideas than time to even begin sorting through them. That is the beauty of personal blogging... it's personal. It's for the love of writing, and sharing. That lends itself, in my opinion, to more interesting and diverse content. Because the existence of content is based solely on the writer's (my) desire to write on the topic at hand vs. obligation. Though, it would be a lie to say that I never force out content out of self imposed obligation... like this explanation I am typing up right now, about how I write for the love of it... Ah, the melancholy side of being a blogger.

   All that being said, expect the unexpected. Or, scratch that, don't. Just keep checking in periodically and be happily surprised by the good things to come!

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