Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Too Much Love for Just One Hug

   Motherhood, in just the last few days has reached a whole new layer of sweetness that I was not expecting. It caught me off guard in the best way possible. Like falling in love. A different kind of love than you see in romantic comedies... but still an overwhelming, heart expanding, walking on air kind of feeling.

   Then he pulls another ornament off the tree and we're back to normal... But still, that new dimension is there even though in that moment it's not flooding over me in a wave as it had before.

   What is this new stage of development you may ask? How is it so different from the ways he has been changing so quickly all along? Well, honestly it's simple. Couldn't be any simpler actually... it's hugs. Enthusiastic, all-out "can't-express-enough-love-with-my-arms" hugs. Seriously. I have seen him marvel at some mighty interesting things. I have seen my baby boy go from crawling to climbing in what seemed like days. I have even sat in bewilderment when it finally hit me that he was not only saying "nigh-nigh" but he knew exactly what it meant. He was initiating it. On his own. No mimicry. No response to something I first said or did beforehand. Just plain and simple understanding.

   Perhaps the same things that keep me so intensely spellbound by these hugs. These hugs are intentional. These hugs are not simply his arms around me because mine were already around him.... These hugs are new. These hugs are "see-you-across-the-room-and-come-running" hugs.

All photos c/o Lindsay Iverson

...and I cannot get enough of them.

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