Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Letters in the Information Age

I read a tweet today that, while sarcastic and saddening, was quite true. When we broadcast our lives on the internet throughout the year on social media platforms and blogs what can we say when asked those inevitable "What's new?" inquiries at holiday get-togethers that isn't entirely redundant. And what's more what are we to put in those already slightly awkward Christmas letters of ours? I always feel obligated to write a little bit on our year for those who are interested to know but don't always get the readers digest version day to day throughout the year by way of tweets, Facebook statuses, blog entries and countless other cyber connective routes.... but I also feel strange writing so matter-of-factly about our lives. Like it is in some small way egotistical and presumptuous. I remind myself that I don't feel that way about other people's cards that I receive, but the notion remains in the back of my head and makes it a very tedious letter to draft.

This year instead of re-writing the things I've covered already in the archives on this here blog I am going to provide a post in the near future of the highlights that I may have just never gotten around to posting about in the mix of day to day life. A sort of "Best of the Rest" feature if you will. That solves the dilemma of repeat information, as well as removing the burden from my shoulders of trying to determine who on our card mailing list really wants the updates and who is secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) annoyed by those "tacky" letters. And yes, I worry about things like that. Too much.

Also for the record I love Christmas cards of all kinds, but have a particular fondness for those that include lengthy letters. It may be the writer in me.

This also solves the issue I discussed in my Chronically Chronological. Perfect excuse to write about all of those things I really meant to, that felt off-topic or irrelevant due to how much time had lapsed between the event and point at which I was ready to write about it!

So, for those of you on our mailing list you will be getting a card soon (hopefully) with the link to that post included. For everyone else, we truly do hope that you have a fantastic holiday and while your at it enjoy what's to come over the next few days here at Taxidermy Worms!

God Bless,

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