Monday, May 16, 2011

We Have Renters!!

As the title suggests there is some big news over this way! We are in the midst of negotiating a lease with a lovely couple moving to the area and they want to rent our place! Which means we'll finally be able to move into a home that has... gasp! ...MORE THAN ONE BEDROOM!!

 Oh just the thought of turning in for the night without all the door creaking, tiptoeing, bedclothes rustling, fingers-to-our-lips whilst making threatening "If you wake the baby I swear I'll..." faces to each other in the dark, suspense. To lay him down for a nap and for once not be simultaneously trapped out of my own room. My room, where I keep my clothes... and a surprising amount of other things that I never seem to realize are in there until I need them, no doubt when Bastian is napping. Add to all of that the glory of having our own washer and dryer... I'm in Heaven!

Now, this lease is not signed yet and there is no guarantee that everything will go according to plan (is there ever?), but honestly? Things are looking pretty darn good at the moment. Which means that I have a LOT of packing to do. And fast! We'll need to be out of here in time for them to move in on June 1st. Two weeks from now!

Two weeks of frantic packing, cleaning, signing dotted lines... Oh, and figuring out where we are going to live.

Challenge accepted.

So, please excuse me while I drown in a sea of boxes and ponder the ever-present question "how did we get so much stuff in this place?"


  1. Congrats!!!! We'll be in town Memorial Day weekend so if we can help, let us know.


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