Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rollercoaster Ride That is Moving

Well it's official, our tenants move in June 1st and the lease paperwork on our new home is at work with the husband as I type this. I cannot even begin to express how anxious I am to get my signature on those dotted lines! This time next month we will be living in a two story home with three bedrooms, washer/dryer and a garage!! Relieved is an understatement.

Why then am I having nightmares about hauntings and the like? Maybe just maybe the Amityville series was not a wise choice during this whole house hunting/moving process. I think from here on I'll stick with Halloween and Hellraiser since our new town isn't exactly Haddonfield-esqe and I don't plan on unlocking any mystical puzzle boxes anytime soon.

I'm also being hit with an unexpected dose of sentimental nostalgia over this little one bedroom condo I have wanted out of for so long. It really is a great place, small yes, but it's ours. It's seen our engagement, marriage, pregnancy and it's the home we brought our newborn son into. Yes, we've long since outgrown it.

But still...

Then there is this love/hate tug-of-war going on with our collective possessions that is not the least bit surprising to me. It's been a constant in our lives since we realized we were bringing a kid into this world.

Hoarders here we come!

Overall though, I'm just flat out thrilled!


In the mean time things may seem a little sparse over here... this post is brought to you care of a packing tape deficiency.

Here we go!!!!


  1. Awesome Blog... sounds like there was a little "delayed gratification" in their somewhere :) Cat sounds like you guys are excited great to hear and look forward to seeing more blog posts!!

    Rob wilcox

  2. There most definitely was. And thank you, we are so ready for this next stage of our lives!!


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