Sunday, May 8, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: My First Mother'S Day

While we did indeed celebrate Mothers Day last year as a pregnant couple doing our best to nurture and care for our unborn child this year was my first partaking in the festivities as a mommy to a little person... one that breathes and crawls and laughs all on his own, separate from me. External from the boundaries of my body. Last year was amazing in that full-of-anticipation, semi under-the-radar sort of way... this year was, well... just indescribably awesome. And also verged on bittersweet, all those prayers, the planning, stress, worry and excitement and now it's real. I am officially someone's mother. A really, really amazing someone.

There aren't too many words to describe my day, at least not ones I can articulate properly at this moment while I'm still drunk with happiness and love. Unfortunately I took the day off of paparazzi duty and thus have no pictures of our adventures... however the husband was kind enough to document my outfit of the day to share with all of you. His skills of a photographer are improving, yes?

Dress - Target
Bolero - Thrifted
Gladiators - Kohls
Necklaces - Gifts (the round pendant one from Modcloth)
Belt - My Closet (i.e. I don't remember)


  1. Lookin hot, as always! I wish I wasn't too vertically challenged to wear full length dresses. I suppose I could always hem them myself but I'm too lazy for that as I don't have a sewing machine and would be forced to do it by hand.

  2. I like the sandals. :) We SO need to shop someday.

  3. Thank you both!

    Jenna - if my machine weren't in storage I'd offer to hem dresses for you!

    Shelly - we really do need to go shopping sometime!!


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