Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Part-time Fashionista

Despite having spent a short stint as a certified personal shopper I'll admit I don't fully believe that I am qualified to write on the subject of style or fashion. In all honesty I spend more time in my pajamas than not as of late and the frequency with which I make the effort to apply make-up leaves something to be desired. I do however own a semi-impressive collection of shoes... but then again what girl doesn't?

The reality of the matter is I am beginning this project as a challenge to myself as well as an attempt at re-establishing a measure of accountability now that I am a stay-at-home mom and don't have much of an audience. You see, I do truly believe in the old adage of dressing for success. As a woman I am particularly  aware of the effect my appearance has on my mood and overall state of mind. There is something magical that happens when we feel comfortable in our own skin and the garments that adorn it... we can begin to focus on other things and get on with the business of living our lives. Doing the things we really want to do.

My blessing/curse is that what I am comfortable in one day is completely different from what will make me feel great the next. I have yet to find one definitive style that makes me feel like "me". The above looks don't have much in common except that I would wear all of them. I could also never stick to one of these looks for any length of time. For this very reason I am constantly attempting to balance my need to feel put-together and my need to be changing my look (drastically) from day to day. My closet is much like the land of misfit toys in the holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Truth be told I love it that way. Simple it is not, but that is life, and what are our wardrobes really if not a reflection of our lives? Most days I revert to jeans, a t-shirt and my trusty old Chuck Taylors out of pure confusion (generally coupled with the fact that I am always running late). But the older I get the more I've realized that the days I've chosen to take chances with my ensembles and live it up seem to also turn out to be the days I choose to really live my life not just get by. This correlation is the true motivation behind the "Schizophrenic Style" portion of my blog.

So comfort zones and comfort clothes be damned! Today was meant to be lived not survived, experienced not just checked off the calendar. Lets do something truly groundbreaking in today's world and come alive. Get dressed in what feels great, then forget all about it and go do whatever it is that you are really meant to be doing!


  1. I bet ya I have more shoes than you, and most women for that matter. ;^)

  2. Hmm I think I might be behind in the shoe department. Purses on the other hand might be another story.

  3. I cannot believe how much I relate to you and your stance on fashion. Working with children I've found that my clothes come home with any number of unknown (and more likely than not, disgusting) substances embedded in the fabric. For this reason it is hard for me to even find it sensible to look stylish at work but at the same time, when I'm not feeling that I look good, or even acceptable, my days are not nearly as fun and stress free. This leads to me going to work as a 4 year old teacher, sometimes looking like a diva. Sure it may not be practical but at least I feel lovely!
    I look back at my history of style over the past 20 some years and am completely unable to find any sort of pattern in what I chose/choose to wear and accessorize with. Like you, everyday comes with a different mood and different look from the lazy sweatpants and chucks to heels and something glamorous. I find myself wishing that we lived closer to one another as I feel we would make amazing shopping buddies!

  4. We would make perfect shopping buddies! And if we wore the same size I would be so tempted to borrow stuff from you for extended periods of time!

  5. totally. I'd say we're probably the same size in everything but pants. I'm way shorter than you but we both have amazing boobage to fill out our tops nicely. We should have wardrobe swaps every time I come to town. Though I'd feel unfair in doing so since my current wardrobe lacks anything spectacular and I'm always jealous of everything I see you rockin out.


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