Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY Christmas Part 2 - A Little Late

Better late than never, right? Well I intended to have this up before the holiday but due to some normal (and some not-so-normal) Christmas craziness I decided to hold off. So if you are already thinking of what to do for next years gifts, or like myself you still have some dates inked on your calendar in the near future to celebrate after the fact, then here you go:

Step 1) Purchase itty bitty picture frames and holiday themed scrapbook paper from your local craft supply store

Step 2) Use cheesy generic model photo as a template to outline and cut out the proper sized background for your frames:

Step 3) Replace all aforementioned insets with your scrapbook paper cutouts:

Step 4) Dump a heap of awesome vintage buttons on your workspace so that you can easily view them all and properly determine which ones will work together in terms of size, style and color. (My buttons came c/o my Mother-in-law)

(the ridiculously cute mug directly below was from Modcloth,
alas they no longer sell this item)

Step 5) Cut off protruding button loops where applicable to create as flat of a surface as possible to glue onto your frame:

Step 6) Try not to burn yourself while using hot glue gun to affix three buttons to framed background (from largest to smallest working from the bottom of the frame up). Then, as haphazardly as you can, draw on little snowmen arms with a sharpie (Note: I learned that a brown marker has a more aesthetically pleasing result when using a combination of light colored frames, backgrounds and buttons)

Step 6.5) Enjoy some much deserved Buffalo Wild Wings:

Step 7) Gift wrap however you see fit and distribute to the intended recipients.

Step 8) Graciously accept all the "Thank you"s and "This is so clever/creative/cute/etc..." comments all while thinking to yourself "that tutorial was rather unnecessary, an image of the final product would have been rather self explanatory"

Step 9) Stay tuned for more "I could have figured that out myself" tutorials!


  1. These little frames were so neat. Mine is on our shelf in the living room and despite its holiday theme, that is where it will stay from now on. Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to create such a wonderful gift!

  2. These are so unique! I love mine!

  3. I'm really glad you both enjoyed yours! I'm thinking of making them in multiple sizes/colors/styles for a display in our place next holiday season... although it's still winter so I may just go ahead and do it now!


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