Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Grinchy Girl to Holiday Honey

As someone who spent all of High School shunning the concepts of school spirit, or any kind of spirit for that matter (red, white and blue on the 4th of July? pshhh) it took me several years to fess up to the truth behind my rebel-girl persona; I love getting all festive. Give me a good theme and I can come up with appropriately enthusiastic outfits til the proverbial cows come home! It started with muted versions of each holiday's "school colors" paired with lots of black in an attempt to avoid being called out on my love of all things merry. I eventually gave up on disguising my excitement and donned outfits brimming with holiday cheer!

Ok, so there was still quite a bit of black involved, but what can I say I'm a little goth girl at heart!

Christmas Eve 2008 I wore, almost exclusively, pieces picked up at Target in a last minute dash (dress, over-the-knee socks, bracelet and necklace). The earrings were from a little boutique I cannot remember the name of, two towns over from me. The boots were a gift which I believe came from Kohls. The swallow ring was from Modcloth and the feather headband (which unfortunately is not extremely visible in these photos, trust me it's gorgeous) from thefourthstar.

Last Year was even more fun, but it seems only one photo was taken that documents my attire. Had this photo been a full length of me standing you would have gotten the full effect of the skirt as well as a visual of a pair of the most amazing black ankle boots.

From top to bottom
Hat - thrifted (stolen from Mom)
Scarf - Kohls
Faux Fur Shrug - thrifted
Black turtleneck - H&M
Silver Skirt - T.J.Maxx
Red Petticoat - Spirit Halloween
(nylons & ring unknown)

At the risk of family seeing this year's outfit prior to the Christmas Eve party I am going to include what I will be wearing this Friday night.

Note to family members: it may be silly but I would prefer you wait til then to see what I am about to post so kindly scroll no further

From top to bottom
Hat - thrifted (stolen from Mom)
Dress - Modcloth
Belt - Hot Topic
Footless Tights - no clue
Over-the-knee-socks - Target
Boots - DSW

For the record I am not intentionally ignoring green as a holiday color in my ensembles (as I am with gold, which looks terrible on me) I am just so drawn to the black, white and red combo that I have yet to get bored enough with it to force myself to be creative with a new pallet. If I had the money to drop at the moment however, I would be wearing this dress in a heartbeat!

What will you be wearing to your upcoming holiday festivities? I'd love to see!


  1. I love your creative outfits! That green dress you linked is amazing. But all of your other choices are wonderful as well. Great taste :) I however, do not put as much thought into my apparel. I usually wear black, red and green. Maybe I'll put more thought into it this year!

  2. I love the Modcloth dress. My Christmas dress is not festive in any way but I never have reasons to dress up and I had to have it when I saw it so I don't really care. I would post a picture but you're gonna see it in 4 days so I'll just let you wait :)

  3. You GO GIRLS! I used to be with you and wish I still was but the time and $ crunch has caught up with me, as well as the "I work the graveyard shift at a group home for young boys you do NOT want to get excited" blues. Still, I am inspired and heartened. Maybe I need to MAKE more time to enjoy this creative outlet again.


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