Sunday, June 5, 2011

Schizophrenic Style: Wild Horses

She gallops as the light dims slowly in the sky 
Knowing that the now certain summer brings with it a new form of freedom...

Outdoor adventures not unlike those of her own childhood 
At the same time altogether different

Today, adventures along a suburban street, next week,
next month her very own outdoor oasis to explore...

It's an interesting line she trots along

A free and wild spirit yet one whom is so easily spooked
In need of blinders

Easily overwhelmed
Just as easily swept up in the power and beauty of the setting sun
Leaves rustling in the wind

Fiery calm

Powerfully submissive 

 Having once been broken she remains cautious, her countenance bridled 

All the while a quite boldness flows through her veins
Purposeful defiance


  1. Lovely.

    I said the other day that while I may hate the heat of summer, I love the style it brings. :)

  2. We SERIOUSLY need to shop together sometime. Maybe this summer?

  3. I LOVE this dress! I've always been such a sucker for horses but didn't think I could pull it off as an adult. This look is so doable without making you look like you're trying to be 12, fabulous!


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